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                 Lowry Medical Clinic welcomes Faye Colom, CFNP

Faye, a graduate of Mississippi University for Women, with a masters degree from (U.A.B) University of Alabama-Birmingham, and has over 20 years of nursing experience! Come by and see Faye today!

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that demonstrate our skill in Wound Repair.

We understand that when you are suffering from an illness, an injury, or other medical condition, it is a stressful situation. All that you want is to feel better.

That’s why the staff of Lowry Medical Clinic is comprised of a team of thoroughly trained, compassionate healthcare professionals – led by Dr. Slater Lowry, a Mayo Clinic trained physician – whose efforts are focused on alleviating pain and suffering.

The most important tool that we utilize to help our patients is our diagnostic skills – our ability to figuring out what is ailing you and to develop a course of treatment designed to make you feel better as quickly as possible. No one is better at diagnosing a person’s condition than Dr. Slater Lowry, a Mayo Clinic-trained physician with nearly 30 years’ experience.

That’s also why we maintain a diagnostic lab, as well as EKG and X-Ray equipment, on-site – so that we can determine a course of treatment without having you make trips to multiple facilities.

That’s why we do what we do – because we care.

We are the area’s Acute Care Specialists!

We are experts at Wound Repair!Show Me Some Photos!