Weight Loss

Scale and Tape Measure

LOWRY MEDICAL CLINIC would like to enthusiastically proclaim the success of our medically-monitored, non-surgical weight-loss program. With spring and summer coming on, everyone wants to look healthy and fit. Not to mention, FEEL GREAT ! But the truth of the matter is that OBESITY is, without a doubt, America’s ” PUBLIC ENEMY # 1 ” —————– and leads to countless deaths and untold morbidity and health complications. Led by Dr. Lowry, A Mayo Clinic-trained Medical Doctor, who is a member of the SOCIETY of BARIATRIC MEDICINE. The LMC weight-loss program has achieved unparalleled success—- all without the considerable risks of interventional techniques and surgery. Today, there are countless options besides surgery to achieve dramatic weight loss and one’s health goals. Greater then 95% of the patients enrolled have experienced NOTABLE weight loss and are very pleased with their results. Just last week, a young woman from TUSCALOOSA ALABAMA who had been in the program for 5 months had lost almost 80 pounds, is healthy, and is living a life that she never dreamed possible. Please contact one of our highly qualified Associates, Lana Brown, LPN or Haley Wilkerson Glidewell, R.T.(R), for information on a new paradigm shift that can change your life—- in terms of not only your happiness but your overall health. We are happy and privileged to serve you, and to be engaged in the war against this formidable enemy called OBESITY that has destroyed lives and caused immense devastation in the American Landscape. Our phone number is 662-244-8864, and we are honored to serve you !

Obesity or being overweight leads to a host of other problems, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, etc., so it is always advisable to avoid being overweight.

In an effort to help his patients with their weight issues, Dr. Lowry has designed a weight loss program that has proven to be helpful.

Dr. Lowry’s weight loss program involves different prescription medications – which medication is prescribed is dependent on a variety of factors – and requires regular follow-up visits on the part of the participants.

First Visit: $130.00 (This covers the labwork and the office visit (for the prescription to be given)

**must return to LMC every month and have lost pounds**

Second Visit: $90.00 – This covers the office visit (for the prescription to be given). The patient must return to Lowry Medical Clinic monthly and must have lost at least 7.5 pounds during the previous month.

Third (and subsequent) Visit(s): $90.00 (This covers the office visit (for the prescription to be given) – Patients must return monthly and have lost at least 7.5 pounds since their last visit.

** This can continue indefinitely. **

** Depending on which medications Dr. Lowry chooses to write for you
will determine how long you can stay on the weight loss program. **

** Insurance does NOT pay for this program – it is a cash-pay program. **

There are medical requirements that must be met to be able to qualify for the program. **

No one is better at diagnosing a patient’s condition than Dr. Slater B. Lowry,
a Mayo Clinic-trained physician with nearly 30 years’ experience.