Payment Info

Although our primary focus is on quickly and accurately assessing your physical condition and providing treatment for what is ailing you, we do have toMost Major Insurance Accepted address the issue of payment because there are a number of expenses involved in providing the level of care that we offer.

YOU are responsible for payment at the time of service unless prior arrangements have been made. For your convenience, we have listed some of the insurance plans that we accept below, but YOU have to know if we are a part of your plan. It is also up to you to be aware of your co-pay and deductible.

Insurance can be very complicated and many patients/companies change their policies often, so please let us know about any changes as soon as possible. Additional charges may be assessed to you, if we have to re-file your service to a different plan.

We try very hard to provide only the care and treatment you need. Our providers will discuss with you any optional tests or treatment. They will include you in the decision-making process, but it is up to YOU to determine if you can afford a test or if your insurance will pay for it.

We do NOT bill patients on a routine basis and we do NOT provide payment plans.

We can accept cash and debit cards, as well as Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. We do not accept checks.

Accepted Insurance Plans

The following are some of the insurance plans that we accept:

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mississippi
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama
Federal Blue Cross
United Health Care
Mississippi Physicians Care Network
Boon-Chapman Benefit Adminstrators, Inc
Assurant Health
Golden Rule

If you do not see your plan listed above, please check with our office.


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